ebook 2017 Polish Yearbook of International Law vol. XXXVII
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CONTENTS GENERAL ARTICLES Christian Tomuschat: Individual and Collective Identity: Factual Givens and Their Legal Reflection in International Law. Words in Commemoration of Krzysztof Skubiszewski, doi 10.7420/pyil2017a, pp. 1134; Alessandra La Vaccara: Past Conflicts, Present Uncertainty: Legal Answers to the Quest for Information on Missing Persons and Victims of Enforced Disappearance. Three Case Studies from the European Context, doi 10.7420/pyil2017b, pp. 3570; Maryna Rabinovych: The Rule of Law Promotion Through Trade in the Associated Eastern Neighbourhood, doi 10.7420/pyil2017c, pp. 71100; Hanna Kuczyńska: Changing Evidentiary Rules to the Detriment of the Accused? The Ruto and Sang Decision of the ICC Appeals Chamber, doi 10.7420/pyil2017d, pp. 101125; Maciej Szpunar: Is the Court of Justice Afraid of International Jurisdictions? doi 10.7420/pyil2017e, pp. 125142; Marton Varju: Member States Interests and EU Law: Filtering, Moderating and Transforming? doi 10.7420/pyil2017f, pp. 143162; Jakub Kociubiński: European Ghost Airports: EU Law Failure or Policy Failure? The Need for Economic Analysis in State Aid Law, doi 10.7420/pyil2017g, pp. 163184; Justyna Maliszewska-Nienartowicz: A New Chapter in the EU Counterterrorism Policy? The Main Changes Introduced by the Directive 2017/541 on Combating Terrorism, doi 10.7420/pyil2017h, pp. 185202; Mirosława Myszke-Nowakowska: Insolvency Forum Shopping What Can Be Learned from the ECJ and US Supreme Court Case Law on International Company Law and Insolvency Procedures? doi 10.7420/pyil2017i, pp. 203222. MINISYMPOSIUM ON GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW Artur Kozłowski: Systematicity of General Principles of (International) Law An Outline, doi 10.7420/pyil2017j, pp. 225234; Roman Kwiecień: General Principles of Law: The Gentle Guardians of Systemic Integration of International, doi 10.7420/pyil2017k, pp. 235242; Przemysław Saganek: General Principles of Law in Public International Law, doi 10.7420/pyil2017l, pp. 243254; Izabela Skomerska-Muchowska: Some Remarks on the Role of General Principles in the Interpretation and Application of International Customary and Treaty Law, doi 10.7420/pyil2017m, pp. 255272. POLISH PRACTICE IN INTERNATIONAL LAW Karolina Wierczyńska: Act of 18 December 1998 on the Institute of National Remembrance Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation as a Ground for Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes and Crimes against Peace, doi 10.7420/pyil2017n, pp. 275286; Patrycja Grzebyk: Amendments of January 2018 to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation in Light of International Law, doi 10.7420/pyil2017o, pp. 287300. BOOK REVIEWS Andrzej Jakubowski: Alexandra Xanthaki, Sanna Valkonen, Leena Heinamaki and Piia Nuorgam (eds.), In-di-genous Peoples Cultural Heritage: Rights, Debates, Challenges, pp. 303307; Marcin Kałduński: Bimal N. Patel, Aruna K. Malik and William Nunes (eds.), Indian Ocean and Maritime Security: Competition, Cooperation and Threat, pp. 308311; Agata Kleczkowska: Claus Kres and Stefan Barriga (eds.), The Crime of Aggression: A Commentary, pp. 312316; Kaja Kowalczewska: Noam Zamir, Classification of Conflicts in International Humanitarian Law: The Legal Impact of Foreign Intervention in Civil Wars, pp. 317319; Karolina Wierczyńska: Cheryl Lawther, Luke Moffett and Dov Jacobs (eds.), Research Handbook on Transitional Justice, pp. 320324. LIST OF THE REVIEWERS (VOL . 37/2017), PP. 325326.

2017 Polish Yearbook of International Law vol. XXXVII od Patrycja Grzebyk, Andrzej Jakubowski, Marcin Kałduński, Agata Kleczkowska, Jakub Kociubiński, Kaja Kowalczewska, Artur Kozłowski, Hanna Kuczyńska, Roman Kwiecień, Justyna Maliszewska-Nienartowicz, Mirosława Myszke-Nowakowska, Maryna Rabinovych, Przemysław Saganek, Izabela Skomerska-Muchowska, Maciej Szpunar, Christian Tomuschat, Alessandra La Vaccara, Marton Varju, Karolina Wierczyńska możesz już bez przeszkód czytać w formie e-booka (pdf, epub, mobi) na swoim czytniku (np. kindle, pocketbook, onyx, kobo, inkbook).
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