ebook German on Holiday: Deutsch für die Ferien - audiobook
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German on Holiday: Deutsch für die Ferien - audiobook
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– New edition (Proficiency level: B1-B2 – Listen & Learn)

Do you want to speak German fluently in various situations on holiday?

Listen to „German on Holiday. Deutsch für die Ferien – New Edition”. This audio course quickly and effectively prepares you for going abroad. The course teaches the authentic language used in everyday situations. Each lesson presents a new subject of typical conversations and teaches how to form sentences independently.

Why choose the course?

„German on Holiday – New Edition” covers 12 main topics, and the dialogues and exercises in each lesson are aimed at learning and mastering over 800 expressions and complete sentences. All the words and expressions are recorded with translations, which enables easier use of the course and allows for faster mastery and consolidation of the material.

Each lesson develops step by step your speaking skills that are necessary for effective communication in German:
• start with listening to a dialogue introducing the subject of the lesson,
• then broaden and consolidate vocabulary used in typical situations,
• next answer questions and independently form sentences following the teacher’s instructions,
• finally take part in a conversation from the lesson.

In the new edition of the course, you will find more exercises and examples that consolidate the material and teach how to use it in practice. The new part – Useful expressions is designed for those wishing to practice vocabulary necessary on a journey abroad. This is effective learning, easy and accessible to everyone!

E-book (PDF file) – the texts of all the recordings: dialogues and exercises with answers.

German on Holiday: Deutsch für die Ferien - audiobook od Dorota Guzik możesz już bez przeszkód słuchać w formie audiobooka (mp3).
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