ebook Letter to Colossians (NPD)
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Letter to Colossians (NPD)
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Angielska wersja Listu do Kolosan (NPD) New Testament in contemporary English language with philological, theological and historical commentaries    In the new dynamic translation of the "Letter to Colossians", other than its modern form, the Editorial Team has strived to preserve the dignity reserved for any biblical text. This effect was not achieved through references to the archaic features of the traditional biblical language, but through the contemporary language in its general and literary forms, all while ensuring the most dynamic rendering of the original language’s spirit, culture, and mentality. The integral part of this method incorporates rather extensive commentaries on specific passages from the main text. They include a large amount of theological, philological, and cultural data presented in an accessible way. The Editorial Team has done their best to faithfully reflect the primary message of the book while providing the clarity of the inspired Word for the contemporary readers. This approach meant reaching out for those resources within the contemporary language which best reflect the lexical, phraseological, and syntactic forms belonging nowadays to the biblical language. Prof. Stanislaw Koziara, Ph.D. Department of Applied Linguistics and Social Communication Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland   I am impressed by the style, language, and the theological interpretation of this dynamic translation of the "Letter to Colossians". Rev. Prof. Krzysztof Bardski, Ph.D. Head of the Faculty of Theology Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland

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