ebook Augmented Human. How Technology Is Shaping the New Reality
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Augmented Human. How Technology Is Shaping the New Reality
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Augmented Reality (AR) blurs the boundary between the physical and digital worlds. In AR’s current exploration phase, innovators are beginning to create compelling and contextually rich applications that enhance a user’s everyday experiences. In this book, Dr. Helen Papagiannis—a world-leading expert in the field—introduces you to AR: how it’s evolving, where the opportunities are, and where it’s headed.If you’re a designer, developer, entrepreneur, student, educator, business leader, artist, or simply curious about AR’s possibilities, this insightful guide explains how you can become involved with an exciting, fast-moving technology.You’ll explore how:Computer vision, machine learning, cameras, sensors, and wearables change the way you see the worldHaptic technology syncs what you see with how something feelsAugmented sound and hearables alter the way you listen to your environmentDigital smell and taste augment the way you share and receive informationNew approaches to storytelling immerse and engage users more deeplyUsers can augment their bodies with electronic textiles, embedded technology, and brain-controlled interfacesHuman avatars can learn our behaviors and act on our behalf

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