English Vocabulary Master: 300 Idioms (Proficiency Level: B2-C1) - audiobook
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Do you want to master the vocabulary required to conduct conversations freely in various situations? 

Listen to English Vocabulary Master - 300 Idioms. This audio course on an intermediate 
advanced level is aimed to teach and consolidate knowledge of more than 300 idiomatic phrases that occur most frequently in everyday conversations. Learning takes place through the association of meanings in contexts. The set of exercises in each lesson allow the learner to master and consolidate the expressions quickly. This is effective learning, easy and accessible to everyone.

Each lesson contains:
- Listen - all the expressions recorded with translations; learning of idioms in contexts; an interesting story;
- Repeat - repeating and consolidating of whole sentences in various situations;
- Speak - independent formation of sentences in accordance with the teacher`s instructions (the recordings of example answers will enable you to check your answers immediately).

E-book (PDF file) contains:
- texts of all the recordings and answers to the exercises;
- a Glossary: expressions with translations into French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Japanese.

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