Faith Works Wonders: Part 1 - audiobook
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Father Ireneus Łukanowski SAC (Pallottine), doctor of spiritual theology, shares with listeners what he himself has witnessed to show what great wonders God works in people’s lives. He has gathered together numerous testimonies, and provides commentaries and reflections on these, enriched by psalms and prayers.

This audiobook describes extraordinary spiritual and physical healings in the lives of people today who, when faced with grave difficulties, put their trust in God alone, opening themselves up to His all-embracing action, while He came to them in love and mercy, transforming their lives.

In the modern world, which offers so many easy pleasures for attaining happiness, people often become lost, unaware of the many spiritual threats around them - they resort to fortune tellers, astrologers, diviners, numerologists, they become involved in spiritualism, magic, or turn to healers (energy medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, homeopathy), or engage in oriental martial arts. Many thoughtlessly take part in occult practices, even leading small children into this dangerous world. The recording also reveals the mechanisms and consequences of some of these dangers through testimony and reflections

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