ebook Efficient R Programming. A Practical Guide to Smarter Programming
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Efficient R Programming. A Practical Guide to Smarter Programming
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There are many excellent R resources for visualization, data science, and package development. Hundreds of scattered vignettes, web pages, and forums explain how to use R in particular domains. But little has been written on how to simply make R work effectively—until now. This hands-on book teaches novices and experienced R users how to write efficient R code.Drawing on years of experience teaching R courses, authors Colin Gillespie and Robin Lovelace provide practical advice on a range of topics—from optimizing the set-up of RStudio to leveraging C++—that make this book a useful addition to any R user’s bookshelf. Academics, business users, and programmers from a wide range of backgrounds stand to benefit from the guidance in Efficient R Programming.Get advice for setting up an R programming environmentExplore general programming concepts and R coding techniquesUnderstand the ingredients of an efficient R workflowLearn how to efficiently read and write data in RDive into data carpentry—the vital skill for cleaning raw dataOptimize your code with profiling, standard tricks, and other methodsDetermine your hardware capabilities for handling R computationMaximize the benefits of collaborative R programmingAccelerate your transition from R hacker to R programmer

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