Beautiful Security. Leading Security Experts Explain How They Think
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Although most people don't give security much attention until their personal or business systems are attacked, this thought-provoking anthology demonstrates that digital security is not only worth thinking about, it's also a fascinating topic. Criminals succeed by exercising enormous creativity, and those defending against them must do the same. Beautiful Security explores this challenging subject with insightful essays and analysis on topics that include:The underground economy for personal information: how it works, the relationships among criminals, and some of the new ways they pounce on their preyHow social networking, cloud computing, and other popular trends help or hurt our online securityHow metrics, requirements gathering, design, and law can take security to a higher levelThe real, little-publicized history of PGPThis book includes contributions from:Peiter "Mudge" ZatkoJim StickleyElizabeth NicholsChenxi WangEd BellisBen EdelmanPhil Zimmermann and Jon CallasKathy WangMark CurpheyJohn McManusJames RouthRandy V. SabettAnton ChuvakinGrant Geyer and Brian DunphyPeter WaynerMichael Wood and Fernando FranciscoAll royalties will be donated to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

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