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Hadoop Operations
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If you’ve been asked to maintain large and complex Hadoop clusters, this book is a must. Demand for operations-specific material has skyrocketed now that Hadoop is becoming the de facto standard for truly large-scale data processing in the data center. Eric Sammer, Principal Solution Architect at Cloudera, shows you the particulars of running Hadoop in production, from planning, installing, and configuring the system to providing ongoing maintenance.Rather than run through all possible scenarios, this pragmatic operations guide calls out what works, as demonstrated in critical deployments.Get a high-level overview of HDFS and MapReduce: why they exist and how they workPlan a Hadoop deployment, from hardware and OS selection to network requirementsLearn setup and configuration details with a list of critical propertiesManage resources by sharing a cluster across multiple groupsGet a runbook of the most common cluster maintenance tasksMonitor Hadoop clusters—and learn troubleshooting with the help of real-world war storiesUse basic tools and techniques to handle backup and catastrophic failure

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