ebook Getting Started with Google Wave
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Getting Started with Google Wave
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Get in front of Google Wave, the exciting new real-time communication and collaboration technology that unifies email, instant messaging (IM), wiki, and social networking functions on one integrated platform. Getting Started with Google Wave gives you a good look at this game-changing technology while it's still in the development stage. In the first two chapters, you'll quickly learn about the Google Wave structure and how it works. The second two chapters help you work with the Google Wave Client, a web app that allows end users to participate and collaborate.Become familiar with Google Wave's key concepts and terminologyLearn about the threaded conversation model incorporated into conversations, or wavesGet use cases that show how the platform offers consumers a distinct advantage over current communication and collaboration technologiesLearn about extensions such as wavelets, blips, gadgets, and robotsMore than a million users have downloaded Google Wave since it became available in public preview. Don't wait. Catch the wave with this book.

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