ebook The Sustainable Network. The Accidental Answer for a Troubled Planet
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The Sustainable Network. The Accidental Answer for a Troubled Planet
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"Companies with a stake in the technology industry or that have staked on the Internet (ala Google or Amazon or any of the thousands of small ecommerce companies around the world) are likely to pluck multiple nuggets of wisdom from her book."-- Heather Clancy, business journalistWhat technologies do we need to solve the complex environmental, economic, social, and political challenges facing us today? As this thought-provoking book reveals, one tool for enacting change is already at our fingertips: the global network.Consider the private domains of companies, governments, and institutions along with the public Internet: we have an immense communications network that connects billions of people in ways we never thought possible. In this book, author Sarah Sorensen clearly demonstrates why this network is the best sustainable technology available to help us tackle a wide range of problems.If each of us represents a node on this network, then it's time we realize the potential we hold. The Sustainable Network is a call to action, urging individuals, governments, markets, and organizations to put the power of this network to good use.Discover how the sustainable network connects us all, with examples of how it's already effecting changeUnderstand how this network magnifies the impact of even the smallest change and newest ideaExplore the role that various market and political forces playLearn how the network can be improved to better address environmental, economic, and social conditionsGet practical advice that you or your business can follow now

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