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Moby Dick is an epic tale of the voyage of the whaling ship the Pequod and its captain, Ahab, who relentlessly pursues the great white whale during a journey around the world. The story is seen through the eyes of Ishmael, a sailor on the Pequod. Ishmael arrives in New Bedford where he meets Queequeg, a harpooner from the South Pacific, who becomes his inseparable friend during the long whaling voyage. Captain Ahab, a strange man with a peg leg, has only one purpose in life: to find and kill Moby Dick, the great white whale that had chewed off his leg years ago. Ahab’s voyage is one of revenge and, in the end, one of disaster. A landmark of American literature, this novel touches numerous important themes such as good, evil, revenge, superstition, obsession, courage and madness.

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