ebook Professional Legal Ethics - in theory and case studies
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Professional Legal Ethics - in theory and case studies
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This book answers the need for a compendium of ethics for legal professionals. The authors' agenda was to provide lawyers with an instrument useful at specific stages of their career:

  • during legal studies,
  • post-graduate training,
  • and fully professional legal practice.

The norms for particular legal professions are presented in an innovative way; instead of traditional commentary of the cited norms, they are illustrated by examples of professional misconduct with a fully designed scenario for a class activity focused on a relevant case. Such an illustration is combined with the introduction of numerous interactive teaching methods which can be used in various courses related to legal studies.

The book facilitates getting to know the norms and principles of legal professional conduct, presents similarities and differences between legal professions, and allows to better understand the social roles that lawyers play in society. In addition, the volume gives a quick and easy access to numerous rulings of disciplinary courts.

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