ebook Polish Yearbook of Law and Economics. Vol. 3 (2012)
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Polish Yearbook of Law and Economics. Vol. 3 (2012)
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Recommended by Polish Association of Law and Economics

This third volume of the Polish Yearbook of Law & Economics contains a collection of articles selected, following a separate review process, from papers delivered at 3rd Polish Law & Economics Conference, which took place at the University of Warsaw on April 20–21, 2012. More than 100 scholars, students and practitioners were participants of this Conference organised by the Polish Association of Law & Economics (PSEAP) in cooperation with the Centre for Economic Analyses of Public Sector (CEAPS) at Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw, as well as two students’ associations.

“A Yearbook like this conveys two important facts. One being a general virtue of Law and Economics, namely the unique combination of practical concerns with scholarzy analytical work. The second and more peculiar being the impressing level and scope which the Economic Analysis of Law has reached in Poland. However, as the Yearbook also demonstrates, contributors from outside Poland have already taken the opportunity to utilize it as a platform for the presentation of scholarly work. It’s truly worth reading!”

Prof. Wolfgang Weigel, Joseph von Sonnenfels

Center for the Study of Public Law and Economics, University of Vienna

Polish Yearbook of Law & Economics Vol. 3 (2012) contains papers by scholars both from various Polish universities and from abroad. They include: Prof. Thomas S. Ulen, Dr. Michele Mosca, Dr. Salvatore Villani, Dr. Przemysław Mikłaszewicz, Dr. Łukasz Goczek, Alexander Marek Waksman, Valerio Cosimo Romano, Dr. Jan Fałkowski, Dr. Patryk Gałuszka, Dr. Victor Bystrov, Mireia Artigot i Golobardes, as well as the winner of the Best Student Paper Prize competition accompanying the Conference (Kamil Joński). Topics covered range from organized crime and conomic analysis of judges’ incentive structures to political economy of corruption, Law and Economics of crowdfunding, as well as product regulation.

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