The Software Developer's Career Handbook
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The Software Developer's Career Handbook
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At some point in your career, you'll realize there's more to being a software engineer than dealing with code. Is it time to become a manager? Or join a startup? In this insightful and entertaining book, Michael Lopp recalls his own make-or-break moments with Silicon Valley giants such as Apple, Slack, Pinterest, Palantir, Netscape, and Symantec to help you make better, more mindful career decisions.With more than 40 stand-alone stories, Lopp walks through a complete job lifecycle, starting with the interview and ending with the realization that it might be time to move on. You'll learn how to handle baffling circumstances in your job, understand what you want from your career, and discover how to thrive in your workplace.Learn how to navigate areas of your job that don't involve writing codeIdentify how the aspects you enjoy will affect your next career stepsBuild and maintain key relationships and interactions within your communityMake choices that will help you have a "deliberate career"Recognize what's important to your manager and work on things that matter

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