ebook Building Microservices. 2nd Edition
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Building Microservices. 2nd Edition
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As organizations shift from monolithic applications to smaller, self-contained microservices, distributed systems have become more fine-grained. But developing these new systems brings its own host of problems. This expanded second edition takes a holistic view of topics that you need to consider when building, managing, and scaling microservices architectures.Through clear examples and practical advice, author Sam Newman gives everyone from architects and developers to testers and IT operators a firm grounding in the concepts. You'll dive into the latest solutions for modeling, integrating, testing, deploying, and monitoring your own autonomous services. Real-world cases reveal how organizations today manage to get the most out of these architectures.Microservices technologies continue to move quickly. This book brings you up to speed.Get new information on user interfaces, container orchestration, and serverlessAlign system design with your organization's goalsExplore options for integrating a service with your systemUnderstand how to independently deploy microservicesExamine the complexities of testing and monitoring distributed servicesManage security with expanded content around user-to-service and service-to-service models

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