ebook PowerShell Pocket Reference. 3rd Edition
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PowerShell Pocket Reference. 3rd Edition
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This portable reference to PowerShell summarizes the command shell and scripting language and provides a concise guide to the many tasks that make PowerShell so useful. If you're a busy administrator and don't have time to plow through huge books or in-depth online searches, this is the ideal on-the-job tool.Written by PowerShell team member Lee Holmes and excerpted from his PowerShell Cookbook, this edition offers up-to-date coverage of Windows PowerShell 5.1 and open source PowerShell Core up to 7 and beyond.Beginning with a guided tour of PowerShell, this handy guide covers:PowerShell language and environmentRegular expression referenceXPath quick reference.NET string formatting.NET DateTime formattingSelected .NET classes and their usesWMI referenceSelected COM objects and their usesStandard PowerShell verbs

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