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AD 32. Tyr. Phenicia. Melqart’s cult. Temple prostitution, public executions, victims of newborns. Asherat runs away from home; she joins Jesus’ disciples and takes the name Susanna. She is a witness of His teachings and His death. Will she remain true to herself in the face of this tragedy? “ASHERAT”. Fast-paced, with surprising twists, and with Seosamh, an intriguing character who has accompanied Asherat. From Tire, through Jerusalem and all the years in Rome, until the last night… Alex Mazur "ASHERAT". Three exceptional men, three ancient cities, three fascinating religions. And Her… …set aside some time – you’ll be late, turning pages to finish the novel. Selected reviews from readers: - “A beautiful and wise story about the power of love and forgiveness. - “I have everything I like here; fictional reality, tension, emotions, dynamics and changes.” - “This book is unputdownable!” - “Well constructed. Keeps you in suspense. You still want …” -“A spiritual journey through human passion.” - “I finished the book quickly, I couldn’t stop!” - “This is historical romance at its best.” - “A story of inner transformation and the search for happiness… after all.” - “In one day. From cover to cover.” - “ASHERAT? brilliant example of a book about faith, hope and love. - “Perfect for a gift!” About the Author I was born and live in a small country in the middle of Europe. I am a happy, fulfilled woman, a mother of wonderful children and the wife of the best husband in the world. I love God and people."ASHERAT" is my writing debut. I am happy when I get positive reviews from readers.

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