ebook Product Research Rules
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Product Research Rules
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Digital product research doesn't have to be difficult, take a long time, or cost a lot of money. Nor should it be a job solely for scientists or expert researchers. In this practical book, Aras Bilgen, C. Todd Lombardo, and Michael Connors demonstrate how your entire team can conduct effective product research within a couple of weeks--easily, cheaply, and without compromising quality.Drawing from decades of experience in product development, the authors lay out nine simple rules that combine user research, market research, and product analytics to quickly discover insights and build products customers truly need.Recognize and avoid common research pitfallsSwitch to the insight-making mindset that underlies all successful research effortsFind out how to look at data, formulate the right questions, and pick the right research methodLearn interview techniques and research skillsAnalyze for insights collaboratively while avoiding biasInspire action with your insights through powerful presentations and prototypesLearn how to involve a wide variety of stakeholders in research, from developers to executivesDiscover how you can make research a habit, not a one-off effort

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