ebook Poland by Camper. Part 1 - audiobook
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Poland by Camper. Part 1 - audiobook

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Fenek grows up and, as a pupil, begins his journey around Poland. Fenek and his family visit 12 Polish cities, discover fascinating places and have great adventures - adventures that every child may experience. Some of them are funny, some others are food for thought and some are even dangerous. In each of the visited places Fenek wants to experience as much as possible, learn new things, and explore the undiscovered. It is possible, because he is travelling around Poland, one of the most beautiful countries of Europe, in which history and nature create a unique combination. Every child should have the unforgettable experience of travelling with a family. It is a journey a child will benefit from in adult life, as it helps the child develop their curiosity about the world, self-confidence and a sense of belonging to the country in which the child was born. Fenek visits large cities, as well as small towns, proving that one can have adventures and experience surprises practically everywhere.

“Poland by Camper” is another five-part series about Fenek, whose kindergarten adventures are known to all curious little Readers. Together with Fenek they learnt to count and read, to discover the secrets of nature and recognise their feelings. They fell asleep, listening to Fenek’s lullabies. They played along with Fenek. Let our books about Fenek entertain you during family trips; let them be your guidebooks when travelling around Poland with your children.  

Each out of the five volumes describes travels to twelve different towns or cities. Would you like to travel with us?

"So lucky to have you, Fenek!"

„The books about Fenek will win the heart of each preschooler and kindergarten pupil. Beautifully illustrated, prepared by experts in their fields (…) I could just go on and on – these books are unique     in every respect”.

Marzena Fenert, the author of speech therapy aids

„A book of my childhood dreams"

„(…) if I were to recommend a worthwhile reading for children, I would recommend this book. Written in beautiful language, presenting additional, often unknown values of the Polish land, inspiring. Appropriate length of chapters and content encourages young readers to read by themselves. Brilliant illustrations – one simply yearns for more. Congratulations!”. 

Maria Talaga, a teacher, the winner of multiple awards, she educated over 400 children 

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