Polish Girl In Pursuit of the English Dream
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Polish Girl In Pursuit of the English Dream
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'NOT just an EU immigrant story in the UK, it's a story on finding unconditional self-love and deeper meaning in life.' 'IT WILL INSPIRE YOU TO FOLLOW YOUR OWN JOURNEY TO SELF-DISCOVERY!' 'This book is a mirror because it reflects what already lies in your heart and soul’ 'AN EXCLUSIVE VIEW OF A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING TO STOP CHASING LIFE AND START LIVING IT NOW' 'Fall in love with yourself, and you will never feel unloved again!' 'POLISH GIRL IS A SUPERWOMAN THAT NEVER GIVES UP. A GREAT INSPIRATION TO US ALL" - review by The Daily Brunch ARE YOU READY TO JOIN A BRAVE GIRL IN HER PURSUIT OF FINDING THE SECRET OF EVERLASTING LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS? WILL YOU GIVE UP ON LIFE because of depression, countless heartbreaks, empty wealth, poverty, work exploitation, divorce, house moves, broken friendships, Brexit or WILL YOU FIND STRENGTH to KEEP GOING to finally find the secret to LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS? YOUR test of perseverance starts here... " ‘Pursuing my dreams was worth all the sacrifices. Finding the SECRET to a happy, peaceful life in self-love was worth the 13- year journey in a foreign country because without it, I may have never found IT. Life is about the choices we make. Each choice decides about our destiny. WE are in charge of our destiny, especially when it comes to love and relationships...’ Author's dream to live in England came true in 2005, shortly after Poland entered the EU but when she suddenly lost most of her belongings, health, career, money, home and her soulmate, she decided to share her inspiring story. Will she find the courage, resilience and determination to start her life in England all over? Will she find love? How will she deal with poverty, pain, homelessness and betrayals? Travel to around fifty European locations, fall in love, have your heart broken, fall in love again and find the strength to keep going but never, ever give up on life! It truly is a unique record of one woman's relationships, dealing with constant challenges and the new reality in the wake of Brexit as a modern EU immigrant in England. ARE YOU READY TO TEST YOUR PERSEVERANCE AND NEVER GIVING UP ON LIFE, TOGETHER WITH ONE INSPIRING "POLISH GIRL" IN ENGLAND? REVIEW FROM THE DAILY BRUNCH: 'For me, ‘Polish Girl; In Pursuit of the English Dream’ is a true masterpiece of reflections on love and life, making me want to recommend it to everyone who is ready to set off on their own spiritual journey to find out more about their own soul, together with one brave, unique and life-loving girl. I can guarantee that you will relate to at least one thing in her life story, if not a few. I wish there were more stories like this published where all of us can so easily relate to. After all, the spiritual journey is what we are all here for. If we cannot evolve and learn from the past to have a better future, is life really worth living?'

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