ebook C++ High Performance
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C++ High Performance

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Write code that scales across CPU registers, multi-core, and machine clustersAbout This BookExplore concurrent programming in C++Identify memory management problemsUse SIMD and STL containers for performance improvementWho This Book Is ForIf you're a C++ developer looking to improve the speed of your code or simply wanting to take your skills up to the next level, then this book is perfect for you.What You Will LearnFind out how to use exciting new tools that will help you improve your codeIdentify bottlenecks to optimize your codeDevelop applications that utilize GPU computationReap the benefits of concurrent programmingWrite code that can protect against application errors using error handlingUse STL containers and algorithms effcientlyExtend your toolbox with Boost containersAchieve effcient memory management by using custom memory allocatorsIn DetailC++ is a highly portable language and can be used to write complex applications and performance-critical code. It has evolved over the last few years to become a modern and expressive language. This book will guide you through optimizing the performance of your C++ apps by allowing them to run faster and consume fewer resources on the device they're running on. The book begins by helping you to identify the bottlenecks in C++. It then moves on to measuring performance, and you'll see how this affects the way you write code. Next, you'll see the importance of data structure optimization and how it can be used efficiently. After that, you'll see which algorithm should be used to achieve faster execution, followed by how to use STL containers. Moving on, you'll learn how to improve memory management in C++. You'll get hands on experience making use of multiple cores to enable more efficient and faster execution. The book ends with a brief overview of utilizing the capabilities of your GPU by using Boost Compute and OpenCL.Style and approachThis easy-to-follow guide is full of examples and self-sufficient code snippets that help you with high performance programming with C++. You'll get your hands dirty with this all-inclusive guide that uncovers hidden performance improvement areas for any C++ code.C++ High Performance od Bjorn Andrist, Viktor Sehr możesz już bez przeszkód czytać w formie e-booka (pdf, epub, mobi) na swoim czytniku (np. kindle, pocketbook, onyx, kobo, inkbook).
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